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SPINNER Launches High-Power Filter for NextGen TV

The worldwide rollout of the new ATSC 3.0 broadcasting standard is driving a burgeoning market. Its novel approach to content distribution paves the way for an enhanced media experience. More and more existing ATSC 1.0 broadcasting stations are being upgraded with new equipment, also for the passive transmission path between the transmitter and the antenna, in which mask filters and other components play important role. For this purpose SPINNER has extended its portfolio by a new tunable UHF mask filter for ATSC 3.0 for power levels up to 30 kW.

Omni Chip Antennas: Guard Against Interference from Metal Surfaces and Constructions

Omni chip antennas feature low-profile designs that let them be inconspicuously installed on ceilings. Architects love them. But there is one thing that many people aren’t familiar with: omni chip antennas are sensitive to interference from nearby metal constructions. So what to do?

Contactless Data and Power Transmission Replace Slip Rings in Rotating Applications

The new compact transmission systems from SPINNER ingeniously combine contactless data transfer, which has proved itself in real-time bus systems, with the ability to supply up to 750 watts of power at 24 V and 48 V industrial voltages. As an added benefit, there is room in the hollow cores for device-specific connections to the rotating unit.

New 5G Coupler Rounds Out SPINNER’s Broadband DAS Portfolio

In recent months, SPINNER has developed and begun supplying a large number of components for broadband distributed antenna systems (DAS). Our goal has been to seamlessly cover the entire frequency range from 380 to 3,800 MHz. The latest addition is a new 5G coupler that closes the last remaining gap. Now there is at least one component in every DAS product group (splitters, tappers, antennas, etc.) for the entire frequency spectrum from PMR to 5G. As a result, DAS networks can now be completely assembled using SPINNER components and no longer need to be modified if more frequency bands are added later. The result: maximum future viability in uncompromising SPINNER quality!

New Symmetrical Splitters: Broadband and Compact

Turn one into many: this principle is applied in passive distribution networks to make mobile signals reach even the remotest corners of buildings with complex geometries. Our latest new splitters let you take advantage of it while reliably preventing any interference from sneaking into your network. Even better, they put the entire frequency range from 380 to 3,800 MHz at your fingertips. This lets you build for the future: with high-quality SPINNER products for outstanding network performance.

Product Sale at Special Low Prices

Get special discounts on remaining stocks of discontinued products! Go to an overview in our Product Finder to see what’s currently available. We continually update it, so it’s worthwhile for you to check regularly.

SPINNER DAS Assures Full Cellular Coverage for the dm Chain’s Corporate Headquarters

Open, welcoming and sustainable, the dm-dialogicum in Karlsruhe has been the dm chain of drugstores’ corporate headquarters since July 2019. Its offices not only treat employees and visitors to a modern ambience flooded with sunlight. The complex also provides seamless mobile connectivity to all with a distributed antenna system installed by Schlagenhauf GmbH and featuring SPINNER components.

SPINNER AMS with Distance-to-Fault

The SPINNER AMS (Antenna Monitoring System) has become a best practice at every broadcasting site. It protects the infrastructure by detecting faults early and triggers preventive maintenance before serious failure can occur. And now we’ve expanded its functionality to not only warn you about the problem, but also to locate it for a fast repair, saving both time and money.

Don't  Stopp Turning - SPINNER Rotary Joints for Air Traffic Surveillance Radar Systems

To dependably track aircraft movements and ensure smooth, orderly traffic while minimizing accidents, it’s essential to deploy state-of-the-art technology with components that leverage the power of digitization. SPINNER has launched a new generation of future-proof RF rotary joints that deliver a number of major benefits.

First 20:4 Multiband Combining System for 5G

You don’t need to worry about power or network management: passive in-building systems ensure excellent cellular connections, also in large, sprawling building complexes, without any operating costs at all. You can install the new 19” shelf from SPINNER today and use it tomorrow for 5G or IoT applications. You no longer need to touch the devices themselves. This adds up to maximum readiness for the future in the uncompromisingly high quality that SPINNER is known for.